OZZO Women's Olympiad Women's 2014 Winter Street Shooting Wu Ling: Style Matches Effortlessly

Wu Ling once served as vice director of fashion in Vogue Magazine. She has several titles such as It Girl, fashion blogger, independent stylist, columnist, art illustrator and brand creative consultant. After leaving Vogue, Wu Ling had more time to arrange for life. She began to be enthusiastic about fitness, setting up flowers and plants at home, occasionally drawing some fashion illustrations, and having healthy living and working conditions. The original fashion video “Ling Fashion” independently produced by her is a trend analysis column sought by the current influx of people.

Wu Ling is always comfortable and natural and does not lack details. It seems that this easy and effortless style of dress is a fashionable example for It Girl . Just like Wu Ling's OZZO woolen coat on this body , the super V -Fan's inner V lapel not only increases the gas field, but also has the important details of face -lifting and thin shoulders. Classic camel with dark blue shirt and patch jeans, simply create handsome casual!

Wu Ling has been active in fashion circles for many years as a fashion person. Everyone used to call her Lingling teacher. Learn from Lingling's teacher how to wear styles and styles.

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