Forty or fifty-year-old to wear what suit to send his f…

Time ruthless in the father's face carved the traces of time. We as children, we should maintain the greetings and concerns. A small gift will make my father happy. Suit, men's wardrobe essential single product. Choose a set of cost-effective suit, let my father find the memory of the glory

Congratulate Mata Er women Guangxi Beiliu store grand o…

Autumn is the perfect time to open a clothing store in October. Mata'e women's dresses also added new members in October. Warmly congratulate Matairu women's Guangxi Beiliu store grand opening! Opening a new store I wish the business is booming! Product barley! At the same time I also

Six colorful treasures with health benefits

First, tourmaline The tourmaline homophonic "dispels evil spirits", which generates heat when heated, and the mineralogical name is "tourmaline." It is the favorite of the Empress Dowager Cixi. In the palace of the Qing Dynasty in China, there are more

Nanyang jade species

What are the types of Nanyang jade? The type of Nanyang jade is divided according to the color minerals and pigment ions contained in Nanyang jade, which is divided according to the color. Nanyang jade can be divided into 8 kinds according to its color. Please follow the s

Danby slave women hit color is not limited, with no bou…

Influx of people: literary boots * bright color stockings Bright yellow itself is very pretty, coupled with the echoes of the doll collar design will be more dynamic, with fine fluffy art boots, full of youthful girl atmosphere. Influx of people show: a touch of rainbow color Calm black dre

Red cotton scarf look good with you?

As time goes by, we will soon enter early winter soon. At that time the cold, will make a lot of MM unbearable, all kinds of warm artifact continue to emerge. In the winter has not come when Xiaobian recommend it for everyone: cotton + scarf or collar with. I hope this mix can bring you more fashi

Calligraphy criticism and commercial advertising

In the face of developed contemporary media, calligraphy criticism looks like extraordinary excitement and prosperity. Because we can often see a variety of mass media, including professional media magazines, numerous networks, the introduction and introduction of calligraphers and calligr