T shirt with a boy with a simple fashion wear

In the summer, we all put on new clothes, wild T-shirt is essential for everyone a single product, whether adults and children love to wear, because it not only bring comfort to themselves but also bring a sense of fashion. Then we talk about the little boy wearing a T-shirt, how to look good with

"Princess Unicorn" debuts SNOW BOUND??{Women&…

In 2006, SNOW BOUND (??) women's clothing was established in Korea. The brand is based on the sensibility of the times and retro feelings. The focus is on the quality of workmanship and fabrics. The design is full of modern modern style, simple and lively. Lose elegance, full of strong fashion

Spanish fashion brand Suite Blanco releases 2015 summer…

The Spanish fashion brand SuiteBlanco released a 2015 summer series of commercials. Models Lauren Auerbach and Fleur Van Sande appeared together and the photographer Jesus Alonso took a pose. Models dressed in brand new season print clothing, swimwear and denim series, presents a new choice for sum

Brief description of bloodstone

The bloodstone is the ground stone of the cinnabar strip, and its color is brighter than cinnabar. Because its color is as bright as chicken blood, it is commonly known as bloodstone. The earliest bloodstone found in China is the bloodstone of Yuyan Mountain in Changhua,

Budi design underwear June new look ahead

The origin of fashion, all from the beginning of color. If the design gives the underwear soul, then the color will bring underwear life. Bodystyle Burundi design June 2015 spring and summer underwear series, with bright colors, showing the sweet but bright woman mood. Rose Garden: hit color ro

June and July weather children how to dress hot summer …

By the end of June, July is coming and the hot season will follow. How should we deal with the hot season? That do not have to worry about, Neddy Bears children's wear already ready for you fashion outfit, my mother no longer have to worry about children wearing no clothes, the hot season in Ju

Impregnation bonding

I. Impregnation bonding method Impregnation method is the earliest and most widely used method in chemical bonding method. It is also called full impregnation or saturated impregnation. It is developed from the traditional saturated dyeing process. Basic process flow: The web is fed into a dip ta