Classification of polypropylene (PP) plastics

Polypropylene is the largest category of all plastics in the range of plastics. It is also the most widely used category. It can be classified according to different substrates. It can still be specified in different classifications of melt flow rate in the classification, and even according to ind

Men's fashion brand Prince password trend to create…

Looking back, after 80, we, many times read through their own photos ten years ago, five years ago or three years ago, can not help but be the kind of haughty hairstyle and clothing he once thunder and will be In response, issued a feeling: "Why did I so mountain artillery ah!" You have s

Cute A-line skirt with a lively teenage style

This site, June 14, reported that summer dresses have become the hottest mainstream style in the fashion industry. In particular, a fresh A-shaped skirt that highlights the style of young girls, fluffy skirts can perfectly display a lively and lovely image, but also wear an elegant woman charm. A-

Summer dating romantic match with pink dress

On June 8th this site , hot, irritated summer always make crushes worry about wearing endless. As a girl, who does not want to appear when the United States and the United States to the United States, so that his deer chaos. How to mix and match can be beautiful and refreshing? This problem must b

Popular wild style all Kerry honey CARRY ME fashion wom…

Young and energetic urban women's pursuit of fashion has never stopped, beauty, love is their personality logo. CARRY ME Kerry honey women's brand positioning in the population of 18-28 year-old young girl's bloom of youth, the details of the pursuit of the perfect combination and a si

How is the jewellery craft in China taught?

Jewelry craftsmanship used to be based on manual operations, so many people refer to this technique as “craftsmanship”. The teaching of jewelry craftsmanship is different from the general craftsmanship. It has many places, and it can only be "heart" a

France thinking women's clothing show 2013 autumn a…

May 28, 2013 -30 days, Guangzhou - early summer season. Has been the "classic fashion, avant-garde concept, absolute quality, modern marketing," the French SIIJII ( thinking ) brand women's wear in Guangzhou launched a series of influential "French SIIJII (thinking) brand presen