Fashion Brand Luisa Spagnoli 2015 Spring Summer Series

The Italian fashion brand Luisa Spagnoli releases the 2015 spring/summer series of large advertisements. The model Tori Praver takes the picture and the photographer Stefano Galuzzi holds the mirror. This season's blockbuster was shot on the shores of Lake Garda, in northern Italy, on the shore

Shenzhen Carey Gars Clothing Co., Ltd wish you a happy …

Shenzhen Keli Gesi Clothing Co., Ltd Marketing Director Xu Changqing The new year opens new hope and the new one begins to bear the new dream. Thanks for the last year has been silent care, support "Kelige Si" partners, franchisees , loyal fans! On the occasion of the Spring Festival,

Hugo by Hugo Boss High Fashion Collection Spring Summer…

Hugo Boss Hugo Boss, Germany's younger high-end fashion collection, is based on simplicity, youthfulness and leisure. The 2015 spring and summer advertisements are released. Men's ShirtLong Sleeve Check Shirt,Men'S Shirt,Classic Men'S Shirt,Fashion Shirt Check ShirtSHAOXING NEWGROUND TEXTILE TR

Jade knowledge about the value of scutellaria

Those who know jade knowledge know that although yellow jade is a relatively common species in jade, the quality and water quality of jaundice are generally poor. The jaundice that is particularly good for growing water is very rare. Most natural scutellaria is often brown

Wig tips 使用 How to use hair clips

When wearing a wig , we often use a hair clip, especially for hair clips on the top of the head. Today, I love to share with you how to use the hairpin in the wig. After reading the above illustrations, is it already used? Try to pick up the hair of Edland's head and try to make yourself beaut

History of red onyx

The scene of the red dragonfly on the farewell to history is also so sudden. Under the influence of the simple and burial style of the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the red onyx is accompanied by the peaks of the more famous jade carvings, such as the silk carvings, the Hanba kni

Door and window and glass matching methods and techniqu…

[China Glass Net] The decorative effect of glass plays an important role in the installation of doors and windows. Therefore, the matching of glass should be considered functional, and at the same time, it should be chosen from an aesthetic point of view. 1. Energy-saving gla