Down jacket is not thicker, warmer, 6 steps to teach yo…

Core Tip: Just entering the winter, the down jacket market began to get hot, "light" down jacket, windproof and breathable... all kinds of slogans are dazzling. Consumers can't help but wonder when buying, "Is the fluffy down jacket warm?" "What is the amount of cash

The warm bird debut Sanya Bay highlights the fashion el…

In the 20th New Silk Road China Model Competition finals, 60 best-dressed handsome guys from 13 North American and national divisions gathered in Sanya. After 5 days of reality show competition, the final 38 players successfully reached the final stage and finally decided Outcomes, Supermodels, Men

Vanke PK Uniqlo

After the last flannel warfare, the guest appeared to be working with Uniqlo. Recently, the down jacket began to be marketed, and the UNIQLO light and thin section was originally 499, and the time limit was 399. Where the customer side is said to be in the same factory production of lightweight dow

Jin Yujie down jacket women Jin Yujie down jacket new a…

Jin Yu Jie down jacket adhering to the "Oriental Aesthetics, International Charm" product style, interpretation of fashion, beautiful, natural and sexy charm. Jin Yujie Down Jacket Women Gold Feather Jie Down Jacket New Authentic Gold Feather Jie Down Jacket 2012 New Culture Creative Pic

5 Coupons choose good shoes to protect your feet

[ Ben -Shoes and Life] A pair of good shoes that can protect your feet, affect the health of the whole body, the real quality is not the brand or the price, but to be able to meet the following five key points: 1, shoes material should be light, soft, comfortable, breathable, thermal insulation.

Zhejiang Jiaxing Dyeing Enterprise will complete improv…

Recently, it was learned from the Environmental Protection Branch of Zhejiang Jiaxing Economic and Technological Development Zone that printing and dyeing and chemical industry elimination of backwardness and improvement in the region had started. 22 printing and dyeing and chemical compan

Wang Rongchun

Wang Rongchun is the director of the weaving workshop of Shandong Demian Co., Ltd. and is an excellent manager. She actively responds to the company's activities, conscientiously practices the exemplary role of party members and cadres, and strives to build a harmonious relationship be