Analysis MAXIGO May Shi brand women's spring and summer 2011 design theme

Balance - Blending design elements with different themes MAXIGO Spring / Summer fashion is fresh and crisp, with soft, elegant look. The contrast effect of different color patches make the overall color blend with each Other, and 2011 women's theme "balance" trend to maintain perfect harmony, a vicissitudes of urban soft and relaxing theme. The elegance and romance of the city - these fresh, urban-inspired forms of romanticism that touch the streets of Impressionism are in harmony with the Jacksonian style of street rocking; the interweaving of the classical and high-tech future styles emphasizes the diversity of styles While maintaining the balance of various elements. Simple and tedious contrast, with a large outline and tight-fitting effect, the different thickness and texture material stitching, etc., are used to emphasize the modern city of women out of clothing needs.

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