Complex organization of latitude

The use of special fabrics to organize and finish processing, so that part of the weft yarn is cut off and the surface of the fabric to form a plush fabric called weft fiber fabric. This kind of fabric is generally composed of one system warp yarn and two system weft yarns. The weft yarns of the two systems have different roles in the fabric. One of the system's weft yarns interweaves with the warp yarns to form a consolidated plush and a fabric that determines the fabric's fastness. The weft yarns are called ground wefts; the other system's weft yarns also have The warp yarns are interwoven, but they float on the surface of the fabric mainly with their long float lines. In the cut pile (or open hair) process, the long part of the weft yarn is cut, and then after a certain finishing process, the pile is formed. This kind of weft yarn is called wool weft (also called fleece). The latitudinal tissue is a combination of ground and raised tissue.

Weft fiber fabrics are divided into corduroy, fancy corduroy, weft velveteen, and brocade, depending on the appearance of the pile.

1. Corduroy

The plush of corduroy is a longitudinal strip, which has the characteristics of soft hand, smooth velvet, clear lines and full fluff. Because most of the fluffy parts are in contact with the outside world when worn, the ground structure rarely wears, so the fastness is significantly improved than that of the ordinary cotton fiber fabrics. Corduroy is a popular Cotton Fabric suitable for men, women and children in the spring, autumn and winter seasons. It can be used for clothing, pants, caps, shoes, etc., and is widely used. The tissue is composed of a combination of plain weave or twill weave and long latitude weave. The plush consolidation method is V-shaped and W-shaped.

2, fancy corduroy

The fancy corduroy fabric is similar except that it is different from the general corduroy. On the surface of the fancy corduroy fabric, due to a part of velvet, and the other part is not nap, the ground cloth and the velvet are matched with each other to form a variety of geometric patterns.

3, weft velveteen

The weft velveteen is characterized by the fact that the entire surface of the fabric is covered with this short and even pile, and the pile is not exposed. The pile roots of the weft velvet piles diverge from each other, which is not only beneficial to increase the density of the pile, but also makes the pile distribution more uniform. The cashmere weft is mostly fixed to the warp yarns in a V-shaped manner.

4, copy it
The knit tweed fabric is made up of a long line of latitude floating on the surface of the fabric. After shrinking, the fabric is unwound and released into fiber bundles. The fabric is then sheared and brushed to make the fabric plush. The fabric feels soft and has good abrasion resistance.

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