Working with the new forces of the United States and the United States, Danubiatu paid close attention to the "Huayu · Sign Language" public welfare activities

Although, their world is silent. However, their works belong to another art language, interpreting their beautiful world. It is understood that the reason why there will be this concern "flower language sign language" public welfare activities, is intended to build a charity platform to train deaf manual creation, to help conditional deaf people start their own businesses to help deaf people return to society. Currently, the charity Cherokee, a platform for charity activities, has provided employment opportunities for 13 deaf people, of whom three are full-time and 10 are part-time workers. Both of them are recruited by the special art troupe Wind of Dreams recommend.


Enthusiastic public brand Danby slaves actively involved in the theme of the "Huayu · Sign Language" sponsored by the United States and the new force of business alliances. Recently, with many cooperative enterprises in Guangzhou Fangcun 1850 Creative Park in the "snow charcoal" immortality hand workshop held a landing process. At the meeting, everyone was enthusiastic about expressing their opinions. They all hoped to support this "Florid Sign Language" charity activity in their own unique way and warm words to the silent world of these deaf and mute people with their most sincere wishes.


Building a century-old brand, the truth to contribute to the community is our ideal, but also Danubiya's corporate mission. Through this active participation of charity activities, the brand Danby slave hope that through the efforts of the brand itself, arouse more people to pay attention to the disadvantaged groups and treat each lonely soul in a silent world with equal and enthusiastic heart, Stay with them with constant care.


This time the participation of charity activities is not the first of the Danby slave, nor is the last of the Danby slave, then the brand Danny slave will be more active in social welfare activities, with the power of the brand will love the whole world .


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