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RI & G Egypt ancient brand originated from Spain, interpretation of passionate fashion, compose romantic legend, the trend swept across the land of Europe. In the millennium, RI & G Egu was introduced into China. After several years of market research, in 2003, relying on China's casual wear industry base, the establishment of Zhongshan Egu Clothing Co., Ltd. At the same time, RI & G Egypt ancient brand also a cutting-edge attitude, officially announced landing in the Chinese market. RI & G Eguchi is more than just a name, it represents the cognition of the enterprises in Ethiopia and advocates the future direction of Ethiopia. Radical (radical attitude), Ideal (perfect ideal) & Good (good feeling) as the basic core of the brand concept. Fashion personality as a design concept, to achieve a distinctive style of products, full of passion and full of vitality. RI & G Eco is designed for all modern urban young people who are independent, free, fashion-oriented and quality-conscious, bringing them young, energetic and fun lifestyles. A, the general agent to join (regional join) • have rich experience in the brand operation and have enough funds for action; • have a fixed office space and a stable marketing management team; • in the first class of market in the region to build at least one model Or image shop; • Clear and feasible market development plan; • Periodic and quantitative completion of market development and sales performance indicators approved by both parties; • Contractual deposit paid; • Comply with the contract terms and the company's sales policies; Must follow the company's unified standards for market expansion and store management (unified brand, unified product, unified image, unified action), in the course of business strictly abide by the "one store a standard" or well-known shopping malls counters; Unified installation of the company ERP management software. B, joined the franchisee to join (single-store franchise) • Strong brand management awareness and good spirit of cooperation; • have the appropriate financial strength; • can seriously comply with the terms of the contract and the company's sales policy; • have or lease a Above the commercial shops; • Have relevant brand management experience; • Have sufficient market start-up capital; • Must obey the unity of the company's brand image; • Strictly abide by the "one store and one standard" Store 40 square meters storefront, ground floor reached 60 square meters; • Need to install a unified ERP company management software.

Women'S Shoes of various styles and colors. Women's shoes, including high heels and ballet shoes, fish mouth shoes, flat shoes, low heels, shoes,
High heels, high heels, wedges, without shoes, platform shoes, boat shoes, etc. Suggest to choose the appropriate shoes match your dress, can reveal your unique charm and fashion style.
1. Shoes: with high almost post with the ground
2. Low heel shoes: with less than 3.0 CM high
3. The kitten heels: with high 3.0 CM - 5.0 CM
4. High heels, as high as 5.0 CM - 8.0 CM
High heels is every woman's favorite, because high heels women's sex appeal and enchanting, lady, such as morphology show incisively and vividly, on thin root bring confidence and charm to the woman. Look at the people on the road, whether it is OL or fashion female, regardless of age, wearing a pair of beautiful high heels.
Why is that? Women seem to have a special preference for it, when a woman or a girl just to high heels, is expected of slender figure, at the same time, high heels as a woman a love for many years. High-heeled shoes is the symbol of a woman, a lot of girls have high heels, because it can let the girls have become strong, confident and beautiful! Women love shoes like a man like smoke, fondle admiringly, and without a pair of suitable shoes life is incomplete.
5. The ultra high heels, with 8.0 CM tall
6. Wedges: the body into a wedge type slope connected with the ball part
7. No shoes: sole structure without heel shoes
8. Platform shoes: foam height before and after more than 50 mm
9. The boat shoes, shoes mouth sewing flat with the shoe body with elastic bending similar form

Women'S Single Shoes

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