Long-term wear high heels easy to cause ankle bone fracture

[ this site - Shoes and life] "a needle closed, the doctor told me, and then heels out of high-heeled shoes." Yesterday, the public Xiaozhang in the WeChat friends circle released information that long-term wear high heels, ankle joints actually fractured.

Wechat wake up friends

After Xiao Zhang’s encounter was published by WeChat, the female friends around her were very surprised. They gave their care and sympathy on WeChat respectively, and expressed that they should be careful to prevent high-heeled shoes from causing such incidents in the future.

According to Xiao Zhang, people do not know how to do it recently. Feeling uncomfortable on both feet, and occasionally the foot will be very painful. Under the persuasion of the family, they go to the hospital to check the condition.

Sudden pain, no specific lesions, the doctor recommended to view the cause of the X-ray film, according to the X-ray film down, Zhang was shocked by the results. After the doctor saw the film, she was told that her left foot had an anklebone and she couldn't wear high heels again... Afterwards, the doctor gave Zhang a seal, and after further medical observation, he decided on the treatment plan.

Xiao Zhang told reporters that usually love the United States, most of the time go out and love to wear high heels. Because he knows that heels are a danger, for the sake of safety, when he chooses high-heeled shoes, the heel is mostly about 3 centimeters, but he did not think that the danger still happened to him.

"If you don't see closure well, you may have to go through surgery. Toss it down. If you say good 10 days, if it's not good, it may take more than 20 days. It's really a failure to be beautiful but it's a crime." Xiao Zhang said, in order to make his own Encountered awake friends, so we sent a WeChat circle of friends to prevent everyone.

High-heeled bone fracture patients

On Xiao Zhang’s experience, the reporter telephoned some of her female friends as a wake-up call. Unexpectedly, several female friends said with disdain. This is just a case. It does not mean anything. High-heeled shoes cannot be abandoned. It must be beautiful in the end.

After a phone call, the reporter knew that it would be impractical to persuade female friends to abandon dazzling high-heeled shoes. However, how dangerous are the high-heeled shoes, and how many people are guilty of beauty-loving, the reporter interviewed experts from the Department of Orthopaedics at Guizhou Orthopaedic Hospital.

The reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Orthopaedic Hospital that the number of women who fell due to high heels this year is more than in previous years. In the past year, nearly 100 patients with ankle fractures were caused by high-heeled shoes in the hospital. Some of the patients were caught in the road slippery falls and climbed down. A small number of cases are due to prolonged wearing of high heels, resulting in thumb valgus and ankle cracks.

Zhang Song, director of the Department of Orthopedics at the Provincial Orthopaedic Hospital, said that high-heeled shoes are just like opium, and while women are happy, they are also quietly damaging women's health. High-heeled shoes make the area of ​​the soles of the feet smaller, and people are more likely to wrestle. Wearing time can cause back pain, cervical spondylosis, knee disease and other diseases.

"In high heels, the person's center of gravity is leaning forward, the pressure on the front half of the feet is increased, the knee joints cannot be fully straightened, thereby increasing the wear of the knee joints, leading to inflammation, and the pelvic deformities caused by the teenage girls at the developmental stage can be hindered. Difficulties in childbirth." Zhang Song said that heel lift will also make the calf muscles shorter and easier to walk. In addition, long-term wear high heels easily lead to lumbar pain.

Long-term wear high heels harm

Director Zhang Song said that many studies have shown that the design of high-heeled shoes does not conform to the principles of human mechanics. It is obviously not practical to persuade female friends to abandon dazzling high-heeled shoes. With the development of the times, the design of high-heeled shoes is various. To fish mouth range. However, no matter what kind, the damage to the ankle and ankle joints is relatively large, such as pointed shoes, which can easily cause foot diseases. When it exceeds 5cm, the pressure on the first half of the feet increases by 1 time, and the toes are forced to squeeze. Together, over time, there will be corn, eye joint deformation, toe ulcers, etc., foot arch collapse and other foot diseases, eventually leading to leg pain and various complications continue to increase.

"Another major illness in long-term wear high heels is thumb valgus." Zhang Song said that the high-heeled toe cap was too sharp and squeezed the thumb. The ligaments of the metatarsal phalanges of the big toe failed to support the foot, causing the big toe to tilt and bend outward. Big toe bone protrudes outward. The eversion of the thumb has always been the friction of the shoes, there will be a spike-like tenderness when inflamed.

Therefore, the beauty who wears high-heeled shoes all year round pays special attention to thumb valgus, while beauty-loving ones also have to give the hard foot some rest time. Doctors suggest that from the balance of foot stability, comfort and maintenance of the physical needs of the arch, it is recommended that the heel is best not more than 3 cm, the slope is appropriate for the slope, low back pain patients should not wear high heels. (Cooperative Media: Shoe-like pictures Lola Nike shoes)

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