Nanyang jade species

What are the types of Nanyang jade? The type of Nanyang jade is divided according to the color minerals and pigment ions contained in Nanyang jade, which is divided according to the color. Nanyang jade can be divided into 8 kinds according to its color. Please follow the small series. Go ahead and learn!


Nanyang jade species

According to its color, Dushan jade can be divided into green Dushan jade, red Dushan jade, Bai Dushan jade, Zi Dushan jade, Huang Dushan jade, Hei Dushan jade, Qing Dushan jade, and variegated Dushan jade. The following small series introduces you one by one!

1. Green Dushan Jade

Green to emerald green, including green, gray-green, blue-green, yellow-green, often accompanied by white jade, uneven color distribution, mostly irregular band, filament or agglomerate distribution. The texture is exquisite, similar to jade, with glass luster, transparent to translucent performance, among which translucent blue-green jade is the best variety of Dushan jade, which is also known as “Tianlan jade” in business, or “ Nanyang Cuiyu." In mining, the yield of this high-quality variety is decreasing. Most of them are gray-green opaque green jade.

2, red Dushan jade

Also known as "Furong Red." Often expressed as pink or hibiscus, different shades, generally micro-transparent to opaque, fine texture, good gloss, and a transitional relationship with white jade. The content of such jade is less than 5%.


3. Bai Dushan jade

The overall color is white, milky white, fine texture, oily luster, often translucent to slightly transparent or opaque. According to the transparency and texture, there are three kinds of water white, oil white and dry white, among which water white The best, Bai Duyu accounts for about 10% of the entire Dushan jade.

4, purple Dushan jade

The color is dark purple, the texture is fine, hard and dense, the glass is shiny, and the transparency is poor. Commonly known as bright brown jade, sauce purple jade, brown jade, purple jade, brown jade.

5, Huang Dushan jade

For different depths of yellow or brownish yellow, it is often semi-transparent, often with white or brown agglomerates and a transitional color.

6, black Dushan jade

The color is like ink, so it is also called "墨玉". Black, dark green, opaque, coarser particles, often blocky, agglomerate or point-like, accompanied by white jade, this species is the worst variety in Dushan jade.


7. Qing Dushan jade

Cyan, gray cyan, blue cyan, often expressed in blocks, bands, opaque, is a common species in Dushan jade.

8, variegated Dushan jade

In the same specimen or finished product, it often appears as the above two or more colors. The variegated jade is the most common variety in Dushan jade, accounting for more than 50% of the total reserves.

After introducing the above types of Nanyang jade, do friends have a new understanding and understanding of Nanyang Jade! For more exciting information, please pay attention to China Jewelry Merchants Network!

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