Denim shorts with denim shorts with what shirt

All know legs are used to show, do not be naive to think that denim shorts on the body of the requirements are particularly high, do not think not high enough, not thin enough to wear out the style of taste. Today, denim shorts have become an indispensable part of the fashion army, street chic style, wild and can stretch the shape of denim shorts is the best choice for hot people dress up.


Gradient color, white denim shorts, simple style, no holes, brushed and other personality elements, with a piece of color mosaic velvet fabric jacket, short and long looks like a mix and match the wind, the shoes can choose rough With Martin boots or sports shoes, are very suitable for shopping, travel.

牛仔短裤搭配 牛仔短裤配什么上衣

This dark blue, should be the originator of jeans, denim single product is the most classic color, the denim shorts hem the hem, add a sense of three-dimensional, vertical pocket design, there are some buttons on the right decoration, with a blue grid Striped shirt, casual casual, exudes some neutral wind.

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