MYSCISSORS Greek women for you recommended: 2014 new fall - atmosphere British style

British style is a gentleman's cultural symbol of the wind, is a tough handsome style, with natural, elegant, subtle, noble features, to show aristocratic temperament and generous demeanor. MYSCISSORS Greek autumn style, from the Victorian style of the British wind, neat lines to shape the modern woman's atmosphere. Simplicity is a major feature of the British style, there is no excessive decoration and cumbersome design, with the most simple style interpretation of the greatest brand temperament. Pure pale gray renderings the whole coat, round neck highlights the delicate neck, low profile light, though not publicity, but it has its own unique charm. Unique large lapel coat in the visual sense of the full, the overall calm camel, elegant, a strong aura, symmetrical and regular pocket embellishment on the coat, the atmosphere of the British interpretation of the wind more a sense of hierarchy.

希色 MYSCISSORS希色女装为你推荐:2014秋季新装--大气英伦风 MYSCISSORS希色女装为你推荐:2014秋季新装--大气英伦风

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