Different styles of curtains, interpretation of violet charm life

Nowadays, the fabric curtains are diverse in style, blending local and exotic atmospheres, and fully demonstrating the richness of Chinese and foreign cultures to add to the curtains. Fabric curtains are an indispensable part of home decoration. It combines functionality and decoration into one. The matching can make the home a lot of color. The home textile brand Violet Aijia Angel recommends several curtains with strong design to bring you extraordinary enjoyment in your home life.
Chinese elements are full of classical charm

Popular elements: imitation silk material, Chinese style

The Chinese style has once again become the highlight of this fall, but the past silk products are not easy to take care of because of their high price and are not easy to take care of. Many silk materials have the texture, luster and drape of silk, but they are simpler to manage, so they are very popular. A variety of metal elements have also been added to the silk material, such as the use of gold and silver, adding a sense of fashion.

Matching points: Chinese style emphasizes symmetry and squareness, so the curtains of this kind of silk material are mostly symmetrical design, the curtain is relatively simple, and some stitching methods and special cuts are used to highlight the pattern of rich Tang style. At the same time, using gold and red as a foil, luxury and atmosphere.

Creative design: Silk-like curtains are suitable for Chinese home style. Silk gives a feeling of luxury and elegance. Chinese-style silk fabrics are also very suitable for use in Roman blinds. The material and overall style are very uniform. Because the Chinese style of home curtains should not be too exaggerated, in order to highlight the exquisite design in a small size, the Roman blinds are more space-saving and have a smooth feeling.

European simplicity advocating nature

Popular elements: embroidery, tulle

This year's European minimalist style is once again popular, the design advocates nature, does not make a fuss, embroidered a hard pattern on the tulle, strong contrast highlights the modern sense

Matching points: The embroidered fabric on the tulle is suitable for tiling, because the pleated curtains will cover its pattern. This style of fabric is more suitable for modern and simple homes, just a simple latex paint brush wall and this kind of fabric, a stylish home layout will be realized immediately.

Creative design: The curtains of modern homes have exceeded the traditional shading effect in the traditional sense. A modern and simple home living room emphasizes the unification of design concepts.

In a minimalist style room, choose a tailored gauze as a curtain, which is very light-transmissive, making the space more open and more intimate with the outdoors.

English pastoral style creates British style

Popular elements: colorful floral, cotton texture

British country style florals are a popular style on the market this year. The cotton material, the new style of fishing net printing, the point flower is also the main style this year.

Matching points: It can be paired with white romantic furniture, revealing a touch of nostalgia and a little liveliness in the modern sense, creating a quiet and feminine space.

Creative design: The curtains made of floral fabrics are very rich, and the different patterns can also show multiple effects. Especially for the elegant style of curtains, the use of decorative lace, three-dimensional and changeable.

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