Eight major diseases with poor sales performance

[China Glass Network] Almost every enterprise has 20% - 30% of sales people are underperforming. The reasons for the low performance of these salesmen are many, but from a subjective point of view, sales are not performing well. Members have the following common problems:

1. There are not many potential customers in the hands.

The customer is the person who orders the salesperson. The more customers there are in the salesperson, the more stable the foundation of doing business. The reason why sales people continue to sell their products is because they have enough customers. Studies have shown that the reason why the underperforming salesperson has a small number of customers is that they often make one or more of the following three mistakes:

(1) I don't know where to open to potential customers;

(2) It is not identified who is a potential customer;

(3) Too lazy to develop potential customers.

Since developing potential customers is a time-consuming and labor-intensive job, some salespeople are reluctant to develop potential customers and are only satisfied with dealing with existing customers. This is a suicide practice. Because customers often leave you for a variety of reasons, such as customer conversions, bankruptcies or personnel changes, they are decreasing by 15% - 25% every year. In this way, if the salesperson cannot continuously develop new customers to replenish the lost customers, then after 4-7 years, the number of customers in the salesperson's hands will become zero.

Another mistake that salespeople with fewer potential customers often make is that they cannot make a calm judgment about potential customers. They often become "only customers who know themselves better." For example, an old salesperson told the new salesperson: "The XX company is a better customer of the competitors. It is useless to go." "The chairman of the XX company is very stubborn."

But the salesman was in a hurry to try it out. The result of the visit was to get the order. There are many examples of failures caused by the salesperson's personal bias.

2. There are many complaints and excuses.

Salespeople with poor performance often complain that there are many excuses. They often attribute the reasons for failure to objective aspects, such as conditions, other parties, others, etc., and never subjectively review their responsibility for failure. The complaints and excuses they often refer to are:

"This is our company's policy is wrong."

"Our company's products, quality, and trading conditions are not as good as competitors."

“The price of XX manufacturers is lower than ours.”

It is useless for the salesperson to find an excuse for his failure. Instead of looking for an excuse, it is better to make some constructive considerations, such as:

“This may impress customers.”

“What better way?”

When these salesmen face failure, they are depressed, their attitudes are negative, and their minds are full of failures. In fact, when people face real difficulties, they usually can't even speak out; if they can find some excuses to justify themselves, this means that they have not fully played their own abilities. The salesperson didn't do a good job of what he should do, or he couldn't cut what he should do, and if he said something dissatisfied, it just showed his childish incompetence. Real salespeople don't complain, make excuses, because self-esteem won't allow them to do so.

3, dependence is very strong.

The salespersons with poor performance always put forward various requirements for the company, such as asking for the increase in basic salary, travel expenses, overtime pay, etc., and often compare with other companies, "How high is the XX company's basic salary?" × How good is the company's welfare?" People with this tendency are not qualified to be a salesperson. The salesperson cannot ask for protection from anyone and must rely entirely on himself. If you don't give instructions, you won't be able to do things. If you don't have supervision from your superiors, you will be thinking about people. This kind of person can't be a salesperson. Real salespeople often ask themselves: “What can you do for the company?” instead of asking the company to do something for itself.

4. There is no pride in sales work.

Salespeople are very proud of their work, they struggle with sales as a career. How can a salesperson who lacks self-confidence achieve good performance? To sell more products to customers, the salesperson must at least have a pride - you can tell the customer what he doesn't know.

5. Failure to keep your promise.

Although some salesmen can say good deeds, but their performance is not good, they have a common shortcoming, that is, "do not keep their promises." I promised the customer yesterday and I forgot it today.

The more important thing for the salesperson is to pay attention to credit, and the more powerful weapon to gain customer trust is to keep the promise.

6, easy to cause problems with customers.

The salesperson who can't keep his promise, of course, is easy to happen with the customer. Some salesmen are eager to deal with the customer. As a result, they can't do things and promise to go down. This is a behavior that deceives customers.

There can also be problems between the salesperson and the customer. However, they are able to quickly give customers a satisfactory solution, which in turn gives customers the trust. Remember, when talking to customers, it is more important to let the other person feel their sincerity.

7, halfway.

The fault of a poorly performing salesperson is easy to be discouraged. Sales is a marathon, and it is impossible to succeed with just one impulse. Enthusiasm to give up the belief of success, and persistently pursue it, in order to achieve the goal.

8. Not enough care for customers.

The key to successful sales is whether the salesperson can grasp the customer's heart. If it is not good at observing the words, the business will not be able to be sold. The salesperson must understand the subtle psychology of the customer and also take action on choosing the right time. This requires a good understanding of the customer's situation, and those who do not care about the customer, can not grasp and create opportunities.


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