Kawagoe casual dress led the fashion trendy

Military elements in the Kawagoe clothing design is a spring of inspiration, designers draw on the spirit of fashion design in countries around the world, creating more fashion and popular design. Color from shallow to deep, from calm to bright, each season has a new theme, so that wearers enjoy revealing unique personal taste. Apparel fabrics to natural fiber fabrics, functional fabrics, to convey a fresh and natural flavor, the designer in a professional spirit, carefully selected and tested each piece of fabric, into the intimate design, and constantly practice the new energy, comfort and The perfect combination of fashion. Kawagoe in the work, styles and materials continue to seek change and innovation, the use of advanced sewing technology, each needle, each line are permeated with ingenuity of careful thinking and technology wisdom. Kawagoe fully demonstrated the life style of pursuing fashion, individuality, green and environmental protection in the new era and interpreted the cultural connotation of the brand "Kawagoe" with the image of health, masculinity, vitality, success and taste.

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Product Type:
Microfiber pet towel
Nylon / Polyester
Fabric Type:
Plain Weave
Warp Knitting
Eco-Friendly, Water absorption, Non-linting
Brown, blue, green etc.

Microfiber Towel For Pet

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