Pretty fashion brand women advocate bright and beautiful personality life advocate

Girls in the world is full of beautiful fantasy, sweet lady there is no lack of smart and active ethnic groups, they appreciate the romantic things, but will not rest in a quiet garden for a long time, they are energetic, they love to play well, Their vibrant heart needs a dynamic environment, they need to express their youthful vitality, they are the ladies garden flying sweet spirits jumping!

阿依莲 - ayilian

"AYILIAN SGIRL (pretty fashion)" is Yi Lin 's sister brand, tonality pretty lively, designed for young and fashionable young girls who, the main consumer group is 16-24 year-old young girl, cute, lovely, lively, witty, Mashup style of the stylish girl and well-behaved, sweet campus style, designed to present a colorful FUNS joy of the world, promote a sunshine, bright personality advocates of life.

俏时尚品牌女装  倡导阳光明丽的个性生活主张

Pretty fashion SGIRL brand adhering to the sweet romantic style of descent, but also stressed the warmth of "SWEET." SUGER's sweet and "SAUCY" lively and lovely.The first letter of the brand "S" is a collection of three meanings.

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