Water Repellent, Oil-repellent, Anti-fouling, Environment-friendly, Economical and Durable

Water Repellent, Oil-repellent, Anti-fouling, Environment-friendly, Economical and Durable

If you accidentally spill oil on a valuable suit, most people will regrettably sending the suit to the dry cleaners. Nowadays, with all new solutions, consumers can buy a new type of suit, the Youngor Nano suit, which is water-repellent, oil-repellent, anti-fouling, environmentally friendly, economical and durable. This is another high-tech new product that Youngor launched this year after the nano-VP-free ironing shirt. Youngor's nano suits have once again become the focus of consumers and industry professionals with its excellent quality and advanced technology.

Youngor attaches great importance to improving the market competitiveness of its products through technological innovation.

Each year, it takes out 3% of sales revenue as a technology development fund, and sets up a high-tech platform for innovation and brand competitiveness, the Youngor Technology Research and Development Center. Each branch company also has a technical department, which is used solely for technology. The development of office space adds up to more than 2,000 square meters. Over the past few years, Youngor has developed 27 new products and technologies, of which 24 are at the leading domestic level and 3 are at the international advanced level. There are 6 new technologies applied for national invention patents. First in the country to adopt the "Non-pulp technology", the first to launch HP cotton-free ironing shirts, the development of the only VP-free ironing shirt, exclusive development and launch of nano-VP-free ironing shirt ... ... developed last year, "FN28104 high-bright shirt printing shirt fabric "Included by the National Ministry of Science and Technology as a national key new product, and has included the "Alibaba Bamboo Fiber", "Yayun Silk", and "Anti-static Fusible Interlining" as listed in the Ningbo City Planned Torch Program and High-Tech Achievement Transformation Project. .

In 2003, nano-fabric was named one of the top ten nano-products of the year by Forbes Magazine. Youngor followed the trend and cooperated with Burlington, an internationally renowned nanomaterials research company, to use its own powerful textile production line and to use internationally leading weaving technology - nanotechnology processing in the production process, and finally developed a nano suit fabric.

The nano suit is a theory that uses the cross-linking technology without the purest form of the resin. It uses a microcomputer to accurately control the steam spray, so that the nano chemical molecules penetrate the inner layer of the suit fiber to form an invisible cross protection net, achieving water repellency, oil repellency, and anti-fouling. The harmony of environmental protection, and the air permeability is good, does not contain any harmful chemical composition to the human body, does not change the tactile sensation, can maintain the bright color as beautiful as new, the stretchability and wear resistance have obviously improved.

According to Chairman Li Rugang of Youngor Garment Co., Ltd., after the “cruel competition” in the apparel industry in 2003, major apparel companies adjusted their own industries to varying degrees. Youngor always pursues the concept of “science and technology changes in life”. In order to promote the concept of nanotechnology in the product, it is necessary to urge the garment industry to continue to move toward a higher starting point and to take consumers as the center and the principle of “social demand orientation” as the principle to meet the increasingly personalized consumer demands of consumers. A fast-paced modern lifestyle.

Youngor's nano suits will be launched at the time of the cancellation of textile quotas. This is another example of Youngor occupying an advantageous position in the apparel industry and using high technology to lead the industry's new trends.