About the identification of jewels, those "land" methods to be abandoned

At the recent Xi'an Jewellery Jade Art Collection Exhibition, we saw a phenomenon that is promoting the progress of jade jewelry, it can be seen that buying jewelry has become a common daily consumption. Let us all walk into the Xi'an Jewelry & Jade Art Collection Fair!

Walking through the museum, the reporter found that the most people, not the jewelry counter of jade, but set up at the entrance of an expert appraisal desk, many people are holding their just scouring the "baby", waiting for professionals To do the identification.

Consumer: Jade includes (jewelry) this piece, or is it rarely detected (capabilities), or judging ability, judging sometimes wrong, (this time) after testing, basically for us is an increase, not blindly To choose.

The experts who sit here are not others, but they are the masters of the jade jewelry appraisal experience in our province for more than 30 years, and Mr. Zhao Xinmin, the president of Xi'an Baoyu Stone Association. President Zhao told reporters that now he likes jade, especially those who like jade, but few really understand. Therefore, most people buy what they call B cargo or C cargo, which is not truly natural. Jade.

Zhao Xinmin, president of the Xi'an Jewellery & Jade Association, is generally not easy to observe with the naked eye. If you have certain expertise, under the magnifying glass of ten to twenty times, you can also do some identification for the emerald of B cargo, the most common one. The method is to look at the structure of its surface, after the pickling, its surface structure will be destroyed.

At the expo, the reporter also discovered that although there are not a few consumers who come to buy, but everyone is generally inclined to some small pieces of cheap jade jewelry, in the final analysis or because of lack of professional knowledge, fear of being taken.

Consumers: This is generally through the senses (differentiation), and through the senses (differentiation) other do not understand.

Mr. Jiang, a distributor, generally consumes between thousands and tens of thousands, because ordinary consumption is related to the people's economic conditions and concerns (fake goods).

Zhao Zhaochang told reporters that the identification of jade jewelry is still a relatively professional field. Looking at the appearance and listening to sounds and other methods of soil, although it is possible to roughly distinguish between the true and false of some jade jewelry, it is not reliable, and it also needs to have a The accumulation of experience.

Zhao Xinmin, president of the Xi'an Baoyu Stone Association, advises some customers to ask for help if they have purchased some relatively large items. They have qualified professionals in the society and have conducted professional consultations in this area.

If you are also a jade jewelry enthusiast, you can go to the Shaanxi Provincial Stadium Exhibition Center before the 6th, and ask experts to answer questions for you to improve their ability to identify.

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