SZgood brand women elegant, stylish personality

SZgood women is inherited SZ fine aesthetic and consumer philosophy: delicate and simple combination, can be simple, get rid of all the extra details, the lines concise and perfect, the design sense from the heart, the fabric does not require the elegant , But the texture is very important, the traditional cotton is the choice of most of the time.


For the 20-35 year-old energetic urban vitality of women, integration of urban fashion women's personality and leisure elements, and relaxed, free Internet culture, the perfect combination of attention to detail changes in the design and the overall mix of subtle rather than publicity, highlighting the new The era of urban women's unique temperament and personality flying.

SZgood品牌女装 高贵优雅、时尚个性

SZgood integrates design, production and sales. Its costume design is based on the simple and generous combination of multiple series. While enjoying the trend of South Korea's mashup, SZgood keeps up with the international trends. The fine workmanship fabrics and fine details bring out the elegance of women , Elegant, stylish, personalized side! The latest trend of clothing information to you

Women's Winter Slippers are one of our hot sales,which covers two collections:

• Women's sheepskin slippers.

 Our sheepskin of slippers are mainly Australian sheepskin , whose fur is much softer ,cosy and fluffy.

• Women's cosy slippers with faux fur

 This collections are with low cost to meet different market.

Even same styles, we could make in different materials to meet our clients' need.

Feel free to contact our sales, we could help you solve the problems, and make women's winter slippers fit your markets.

Women's Winter Slippers

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