Craftsman Says Hand Stonework Status Will Not Shake Worth Nothing

Hubei is the "hometown of Eastern Turquoise." Here, there is a group of people who love stone and carved stone and stick to the inheritance of turquoise carving techniques for many years. Ye Feiyou is one of them.

Recently, Ye Feiyou's work "Bixi Fishing" won the silver prize of "Hundred Flowers Award", the highest prize for Chinese arts and crafts in 2012. He told reporters that there are fewer young apprentices and computer engraving machines have appeared. The traditional handmade stone carving process has declined, but its value cannot be replaced.

This year's 57-year-old Ye Youyou has been with the Turquoise for 38 years. Since entering the Hubei Arts and Crafts Factory at the age of 19, he has been dealing with Turquoise. He had studied under the famous painter Liu Yiyuan.

“Hubei Turquoise Stone carving combines the style of Chinese jade sculptures from the north to the south of China. The knife is clean, clear and concise, and the lines are slender. The shape structure is full, complete, vivid and original.” With the reduction of resources, how to keep materials and save materials has become a major issue for the technicians. The map of "Ginger Taigong Fishing" displayed in "Bixi Fishing" shows that all the carvings are written according to the material and the workmanship, and no material is wasted.

Do not look at the "Bixi Fishing" line is not much, leaf refueling has been carved for nearly a month, "stone carving is a hard work, often covered in dust, sit for a day."

At the beginning, there were 70 to 80 people who studied turquoise sculpture with Ye Youyan. In the past few decades, only a dozen of them have remained until now. And young apprentices are getting harder and harder to receive.

“Now the young people can't sit still!” Yeh replied with emotion. In such an era that emphasizes speed, this craft is hardly popular with young people. At the same time, more and more computers and machines "into the" turquoise carving art.

Ye Fei took out a computer engraving machine to complete the turquoise card to reporters, "If the stone sculptor to complete it, probably more than half a month; and computer engraving machine, only a few hours."

The function of the computer engraving machine is really powerful, and it has an impact on the stone carving art that has always been proud of traditional handicrafts. But after careful identification, the computer-engraved pictures are not bladed, rigid, rigid, and stereotyped. The hand-carved sculptures are soft and lively.

After several years, will there be no stone carving craftsman? Refueling said that the art value of handmade stone carving is irreplaceable, and its status will not be easily shaken. With the improvement of people's living standards, more people will play with rocks and stones, appreciate and understand this art.


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