Several selection points of market glass storage tanks

[China Glass Network] The various things in daily life don't know how to place them. Many friends will choose some glass storage tanks to save them. Because of its strong sealing, it is very popular. There are various kinds of products on the market. A manufacturer of storage tank glass bottles teaches you a few key points to choose from.

1, look at the size. Storage tanks are available in a variety of sizes, large and small, and you should choose the right size for your application. Glass bottles In general, small storage tanks are more suitable for the restaurant kitchen to store a variety of materials, while medium and large storage tanks are suitable for the living room and storage room to store some large items.

2, look at the seal. In general, you store seasonings and ingredients to have high sealing requirements, avoiding moisture and causing deterioration of things; and the storage of some things is not required for sealing, such as candy biscuits with separate packaging. The cover has a plastic cover, a glass bottle tinplate cover, and a stainless steel cover.

3. When you buy, you should carefully check the quality of the storage tank. First of all, the storage tank should be intact, there should be no cracks or holes; there should be no smell in the jar; then check if the lid can be tightly sealed.

In the case of glass bottles, from the beginning of the liquid packaging dominant position to being replaced by plastic bottles, although the market share has been suppressed. But in some areas, it has been in an irreplaceable position. For example, in the wine bottle market, glass bottles are the best choice, although the packaging industry tries to replace them with plastic bottles. However, it was later found that neither the product itself nor the market was acceptable. And with the improvement of living standards, glass bottles have begun to recover in some high-end packaging areas.

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