Yu Rongjing, Yu Xinqing, knowing the feelings of love

"Why do you end up with love?

Yu Pei Duo is a token of love between lovers, just because it is crystal clear, the appearance is the same, the time is right, the heart is unchanged. The folks have jade ornaments, one stone and two products, and they are paired in pairs. There are phoenixes, lions, one male and one female. When the lovers are scattered, the jade ornaments are also one-on-one. Seeing things as people. In this sense, such a token has a soul with emotion.


Spring and autumn go, the sun and the moon change. After the millennium, it is already the information age, communication is developed, and when lovers are in love, it is difficult to understand the deep and low-pitched feelings of “difficult to meet and see when they meet each other”, and perhaps rarely use traditional methods to make jade ornaments. And the gift, but the communication between the network and the mobile phone has become a world away, and the exchange of feelings is more simple and convenient. However, gradually, there is a lack of quality affection and love, and a solemn and elegant feeling.

But looking around, Pei Yu is not a minority. People often say that jade has aura, Pei Yu not only enhances its beauty, but also fitness, evil spirits, and security. When I saw a jade bracelet on a woman's wrist, a jade pendant hung from the ear, it was clear and delicate, the bluish color was bright, and the white was like a gelatin. When she looked at her wrist lift, she looked at her when she raised her hand and took it. The jade ornaments are shining, and the people are like jade. The different styles are full of charm, and the beauty of classical and modern has been inadvertently integrated.


One year, I went to a temple in Luoyang. Due to the coincidence, I was spotted in 30 people. The incense was lingering and the sound of the bell rang. Please return a white jade Buddha pendant. The image is correct and moist. I have worn it on my neck and I have never taken it. It has been ten years since. I am deeply convinced that I have a relationship with this jade. For a long time, I have become a part of life. I hope that each other will be safe.

Put the jade in front of the eyes, gaze at it, enter the country by the image, and gradually feel deep and ethereal. Where does this jade come from? Whose discovery of the original chaos, and who is the ultimate image of life? Look at every line, every wrinkle, all vivid stretches, the gods fly like, the heart collides with it, penetrates and blends, and its physical image is changed by the spirit, really feel the jade in the opposite time and space. The figure of the person.


His gaze, his expectation, his temperament, every trace of jade is the emotional experience of his heart. After his wonderful hand, the transmission of time, in our hands, is amazing. Artwork with unlimited vitality.

Perhaps this is the original appearance of jade, sinking into the obscurity, to be known; when we fall in love with a certain jade, it is inexplicably loved, knowing that it does not have a strong resonance with the creator, it is the friend of jade, and it is another What is the soul of the soul?

In the palm of the hand, the crystal is full and full, there is a wonderful feeling slowly reaching the heart: elegance, beauty, peace.


Can't tell, this beautiful stone, how elegant and elegant figure, charming gas field, low-key is full of gorgeous, gorgeous and indifferent, and has its own character, and has a beginning and end to people.

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