The 60-year-old woman stealing the white jade bracelet is now on bail pending trial.

When Bai Ayi and his wife visited the jade shop in the 60s, the salesperson did not pay attention to the hand and put a white jade bracelet worth more than 6,000 yuan into his pocket.

On the morning of the same day, Mr. Li, the owner of a jade shop, called the Shuangta Police Station and said that the white jade bracelet worth 6,000 yuan was lost. The police immediately rushed to the scene to understand the situation. Mr. Li said that because there were more guests at the time, he was also busy greeting, and later found that a white jade bracelet worth 6,000 yuan was missing on the counter.

The police then transferred the surveillance video from the store and eventually locked the suspect into a couple of older couples. After investigation, the police quickly found the old couple. The old lady, Auntie Bo, admitted the fact of her theft and was later interrogated by the police.

Aunt Bo said that he went to the jade shop to see the jade on the day, and when he talked with his salesperson and the salesperson, he put the white jade bracelet placed on the counter into his pocket. Out of the shop door, Auntie said that the jade bracelet was taken out and wanted to be put into the bag of his wife. At this time, his wife knew that Aunt Bai had stolen the jade bracelet, but because of the face of Aunt Bo, the wife acquiesced her move. Return the jade bracelet back.

At present, Bai Ayi is released on bail pending trial.

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