Wear and maintenance of ruby ​​jewelry

The red color of ruby ​​gives people a warm feeling of warmth. When paired with clothing, you can choose some simple and elegant clothes, and the young people's personality is more lively and cheerful. Wearing red and blue treasures will give you a feeling of enthusiasm, symbolizing the vitality of life. In addition to matching with clothing, you have to choose according to your appearance and body shape. If the body is a relatively thin person, you can choose some elliptical-type rubies when you choose the red treasure jewelry, which can show a soft beauty.

Maintenance of red sapphire jewelry:

(1) Do not wear red sapphire jewelry during sports or heavy work to avoid irreparable damage caused by collision.

(2) Do not place ruby ​​jewelry and other jewelry in the same drawer or jewelry box. Because various gems and metals have different hardnesses, they wear out due to friction.

(3) When wearing ruby ​​jewellery, it should be checked once a month. If there is any loosening, it should be repaired in time.

(4) Like other gems, rubies will lose their light when they are stained with oil and sweat. Therefore, if you wear it regularly, it should be washed once a month.

(5) Special mention should be made here of borderless inlays and micro-inlaid jewellery. Care should be taken in daily wear to avoid large collisions. If you find that there is no stone in the sideless jewellery, you can not continue to wear it. Repair it as soon as possible to prevent large areas from appearing. The gem is falling off.

Cleaning ruby ​​jewelry:

(1) Cleaning with mild soapy water and soft brush is the easiest way to clean.

(2) After cleaning, the jewellery can be air-dried on a towel that does not contain lint.

(3) Use a wax-free floss or toothpick to remove dirt between the gemstone and the grip.

(4) Do not use bleach. Chlorine in bleaching water can cause pit marks in the alloy, decompose the alloy, and even erode the weld.

(5) Avoid washing with detergent, detergent and toothpaste containing abrasives.

(6) Do not wash in detergent or acid.

(7) It is best to go to the jewelry store every six months for a professional “beauty repair” to ensure that the gloss stays forever.

(8) Borderless inlays and micro-inlaid jewelry cannot be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner to prevent the stones from falling off.

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