Beijing home textile sampling 15 batches failed

Beijing home textile sampling 15 batches failed Recently, the Beijing Bureau of Industry and Commerce released a batch of monitoring results on the quality of bedding products in the circulation field. A total of 15 batches of merchandise were exposed, including a Disney brand four-piece set and a member-quality silk summer quilt.

It is understood that the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce mainly monitors merchandise for silk quilts and bedding sets. The monitoring results showed that there were problems with the quality of some types of bedding products on the market. The main problems involved were the use of bedding products, fiber content, color fastness, size deviation rate, and other items that did not meet the relevant standards.

The test results showed that the color Disney fastness and the standard size deviation rate of the disney Disney DISNEP classic printing four-piece set produced by Qingdao New Asia-Pacific International Trade Co., Ltd. were unacceptable. A trademark holder produced by Shenzhen Eddie Monto House Co., Ltd. was a Member of Wal-Mart (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Member Member's Fine Silk Summer was exposed due to the unacceptable oil content of the filler. In addition, Beijing Yingshi Wanjia Textile Co., Ltd. has two products on the black list, namely a boutique four-piece set and a silk summer quilt. The problems involved are fiber content, color fastness to lining, and perspiration resistance. The color fastness is not qualified. Other brands that were exposed were HONREN, Drtilivi, SANHO, ESPRIT HOME, Pyramid Dear, Tsien, AUSSNO Aussino, Weifang JOYSTUDIO, Far Dream Home Textiles, Airela, Slaiay Silaiteya.

The Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce stated that it will handle the distribution units that sell unqualified products during the monitoring in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. In the future, the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce will continue to strengthen the supervision of commodity quality in the circulation field, give full play to the role of commodity quality monitoring in circulation and the mandatory withdrawal mechanism for unqualified products, and purify the capital market consumer environment.

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