Why Children's Wear Brands Exposure Quality Problems

Why Children's Wear Brands Exposure Quality Problems Recently, children's clothing has repeatedly been exposed by the Trade and Industry Bureau around the quality issues, involving ARMANI, H & M and other brands.

It is understood that the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce and the Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Bureau detected the pH value of the garment, the rubbing fastness to rubbing, the color fastness to washing, the fiber content and the product logo and other items. Children's clothing was found to have excessive levels of harmful substances and pH value. And fiber content and other issues. Although the exposed company stated that “the problem product has been recycled”, but many big names were exposed to security risks, it still reflects the worrying quality of the children’s clothing market.

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce stated that many textiles will incorporate formaldehyde-containing synthetic resin cross-linking agents or printing dyes, color fastness accelerators containing reactive dyes, etc. in the finishing process to prevent shrinkage of fabrics and increase product color Fastness. However, due to high temperature or changes in oxides and pH, formaldehyde will be released from the fabric in the form of gas, which will cause harm to the human body. Another possible cause of harm to the human body is pH (acidity index). According to the national mandatory standards, the pH value of textile products for infants and toddlers is 4.0-7.5, and the direct contact with skin products is 4.0-8.5. If the pH in the textile is too high or too low, it will destroy the skin's balance and resistance, cause skin allergies or induce infections.

For the frequent exposure of children's clothing quality problems, some experts pointed to "punish too light." According to the relevant provisions of the product quality law, the production and sale of substandard products will be subject to a fine equal to or more than three times the value of the goods. "This kind of punishment will not cause the company's attention." He believes that the punishment should be increased, until it can be used to make the company a little longer to learn the point.

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