"Textile Light" Technology Award: Shaoxing County Three Textile Enterprises

"Textile Light" Technology Award: Shaoxing County Three Textile Enterprises Recently, the China National Textile and Apparel Industry Association announced the results of the “China Textile Industry Association’s 2012 Science and Technology Award” in the “Light of Textiles”. The three textile enterprises in Shaoxing County won the award.

The China Textile Industry Association Science and Technology Award is the highest-level annual award established for units and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to the technological progress of the textile industry.

Development and application of airflow dyeing technology in Zhejiang Yichuang Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Golden Ball Textile Finishing Co., Ltd. and Modern Textile Industry Research Institute. Key technologies for salt-free dyeing and clean production jointly won the "Textile Light" technology award. The second prize, Zhejiang Yuejian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. won the third prize for YJ960 coarse denier machine project.

Promoting energy conservation and consumption reduction in the textile industry is the main reason for this year's textile enterprises in Shaoxing County to receive science and technology awards. According to reports, the second-class air flow dyeing technology is a new dyeing technology. It uses an atomized dye liquid air flow to push the fabrics to dye. The cycle dyeing process results in a small processing and dissolution ratio, which has significant energy-saving and consumption-reducing effects and is conducive to airflow dyeing. Localization of equipment and advances in dyeing technology. The key technology of clean production without salt dyeing adopts cold reactor technology, which does not require energy such as steam, and can also recycle dyeing water.

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