The warm bird debut Sanya Bay highlights the fashion elegance

In the 20th New Silk Road China Model Competition finals, 60 best-dressed handsome guys from 13 North American and national divisions gathered in Sanya. After 5 days of reality show competition, the final 38 players successfully reached the final stage and finally decided Outcomes, Supermodels, Men's Modules Champions, Top 10, Best Body, Best Shot, Best News, Best T-Tour, Deer King Award, Warm Bird Fashion Award, Holidays More than ten individual awards such as the hotel's Vitality Award and the Liuhe City Beautiful Ambassador Award.

On November 30th, in the 20th New Silk Road China Model Contest Finals, 60 best-looking handsome guys from 13 North American and national sub-districts gathered in Sanya. After 5 days of reality show competition, the final 38 players successfully reached the finals. The stage, and finally decided to tide molds, super-modules, men's module champion third runner-up, top ten, best figure, best mirror, best news, best T station, and deer fashion awards, warm bird fashion Lucius Award, Holiday Hotel Vitality Award, Six Harmony City Ambassador Award, and more than ten individual awards.

The finals were divided into reality show, finals and awards show. As the only men's wear brand of the 20th New Silk Road model contest in China, the famous Chinese men's brand, the warm bird, became the focus of the contest, from the reality show to the total. At the finals, the players were filled with passionate and passionate flying moments. The finalists also performed in the second Sanya International Beach Music Festival in the high-end wedding dresses featuring warm birds and Xinsi Lu. Extremely warm!

Figure 1 Warm Bird Dress Helps Sanya International Beach Music Festival 2012

The reality show is divided into five sections including Vibrant Sanya, Fashion Sanya, Romantic Sanya, Humanistic Sanya, and Food Sanya. Among them, the fashionable Sanya section, where the players dressed in warm clothing such as birds, photographed fashion films and fully demonstrated Sanya under the guidance of photographers. In a fashionable atmosphere, the winner can advance to the next stage.

Figure 2 Finalists Performing Elegant Birds' Elegant Style

At the finals party, the contestants went through a fierce competition. The final third runner-up of the 20th New Silk Road China Model Contest was won by Wang Jiahua, Rong Erjia, Duan Youxin, and Rong Erjia also won the warm bird fashion. Awards; The finale party scene, they and other players jointly performed a warm bird costume show won the guests and the audience warmly sought after.

Figure 3 Men's crown eighth-jazz military dressed in warm bird costume awards

The warm bird, as the only designated men's wear in the 20th New Silk Road China Model Contest, was highly recognized by the organizing committee and the players. Ms. Wei Hong, President of the Welcoming Bird, said that she can participate in China’s top fashion events and let more people know about the warmth. Birds and like warm birds are their original intention to participate in this competition. She also said that in the future, they will continue to participate in the fashion activities of Xinsi Road, and strive to dance with warm birds and beautiful fashion to help the new Silk Road and international fashion fly!

Figure 4 Award-winning model posing with leader

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